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raindropwalker asked:

SiS has 5000 follows on FFnet! BRAVO! I looked because, yeah, I was wondering when the last chapter came out. No rush. Not asking when. Nothing like that. Just came across some SiS fanart and was reveling in the fluff. ^^ Mmm...fluff... *hugs* Love ya. Keep up the good work.

Wait for, real? I’ve been taking a break from it to clear my head (and to punish the impatient ones who’ve taken to calling me a diva ((as if that was actually an insult)) and haven’t looked at the numbers recently) but that’s freakin’ awesome! You guys rock!



Anonymous asked:

Why do you call yourself Celery Sticks? BTW I love you :D

Old nickname a friend gave me. She thought my last name sounded like celery, so she started calling me Celery Sticks and it just kind of stuck :)

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